Web Site Promotion – The Basics Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of enhancing the quantity and quality of site visitors to a particular website or a certain web page by means of search engines. SEO aims at optimizing website content, keywords and meta tags so as to get the most out of the search results. SEO is generally performed on a continuous basis in order to improve the rank of a website in search results. SEO aims at improving search engine visibility, popularity, prominence and efficiency.


One of the main objectives of SEO is making a website more visible to search engine robots so as to increase its positions in the search results pages. In other words, SEO works towards improving the relevance of a website among search results for specific keywords. Search engine robots can only read and understand web contents that have been optimized properly. Therefore, a well-designed and well-written website content with relevant keywords is essential for getting good results in SEO.

The most effective SEO strategy includes a combination of different techniques that are used to enhance the visibility of a web page. These include proper internal linking of web pages, use of reciprocal links, including a site map and use of XML sitemaps. Among these, internal linking is probably the most popular and proven effective SEO technique. Internal linking involves creating and linking one or more web pages with other web sites of the same industry, category or even with the same domain. This has the effect of bringing your internal web links to the surface of the World Wide Web.

Reciprocal links are very useful for SEO. A reciprocal link is a special link that allows you to offer another party a free service or information in exchange for his/her letting you advertise or put your web page on his/her web page. For instance, if I post an article about a certain topic on a blog, I can link to that blog and let someone else use my article on his/her site in exchange for me posting an article on his blog. This is a very powerful SEO strategy as many online users often look for information on sites that have links to them. If your site does not have any links to other sites, it stands to reason that you have got to work really hard on your SEO strategy to get significant traffic.

The second best option for increasing your search engine rankings is to make use of site maps. A site map is basically a diagram showing the path from one page of your web page to the next. It helps search engine crawlers locate your web pages when they are scanned by search engine robots. Note that although Google and Yahoo use these maps to show search results, they don’t publish the actual location of every web page on their search result pages. You can improve your SEO strategy by making use of a site map on your web page.

Keyword Rich Content: Keywords are the essence of any SEO campaign. Without relevant keywords, your site will never see the light of day. Make sure that the content on your web pages contains the right type of keywords. For example, if your web pages mainly contain product information, the keywords should be product related.

Use A Link Building Service: Many online marketers think that SEO is all about link building. In fact, this is but a tiny fraction of what makes up an SEO campaign. One of the best ways to increase your search engine rankings for your niche keywords is to submit your web page and related pages to major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. Note that not all search engines provide this facility, so you may need to build your links yourself using other methods first.

Other Tips: Some webmasters believe that if they can keep their website’s URL as simple as possible, then they will not have to worry about SEO. However, keeping your web site’s URL a jumbled mess could seriously hurt your SEO efforts. Also, do not bother with using html keywords. This practice actually decreases your link popularity which results in lower search engine rankings. Instead, opt for plain text keywords. Also, try to avoid using too many images and videos on your website as these are known to slow down the loading speed of the whole site.