Off Page SEO Strategies

Off page SEO is an important strategy that many people overlook. It really is the backbone of any successful search engine optimization strategy. By off page SEO we are referring to the different techniques that are used to get your site in front of a search engine’s clientele. These can include using article marketing, directory submissions, social bookmarking and of course building links. By off page SEO you are getting your website closer to the top of the search engine rankings. In order to do this you have to first build links organically.

Article marketing is a great way to start this off page SEO process. The main issue that you face with article marketing is that you are not sure if the site where you submit your articles will be crawled by the major engines such as Google or Yahoo. This means that you could spend hours writing articles only to be disappointed when the spiders eventually ignore your site and does not index it. It is very important that you understand this risk so that you can take the necessary precautions.

Directory submissions are another way of building links. By submitting your website to the directory you are creating more credibility because the search engine will believe that you have a legitimate company. If you are able to obtain quality backlinks from popular sites or authority sites then you will see a rise in the amount of traffic to your site. The only problem that many people experience with these back links is that the links are permanent. So after a certain amount of time the links will be deleted and your SEO campaign will be ruined.

Social bookmarking can also create some good off page SEO results but you should make sure that the bookmarking website you use complies with all the rules set out by their terms of service. Many social bookmarking websites will ban the submission of any link that is attached to spam. So you should make sure that the website you submit any link to has a disclaimer stating that they will only accept links from reputable sites. This way you are much more likely to obtain a backlink from a reputable website.

Article submissions is another popular method for off page SEO. These links are relatively easy to obtain and can be effective depending on the articles that you choose to write. You can either obtain articles that already have backlinks attached or you can write your own unique articles. Just remember that you should focus on providing quality content and you should also try to keep your articles relevant to your site. Try to write about topics that will interest your target audience and that are also related to your industry. By doing this you will draw in readers who are interested in the same topic as well.

Video marketing is also another great method of off page SEO. Videos are a great way of demonstrating how your product or service works because you are showing someone exactly how it will work. However, you should always be sure to use anchor text links within the video. This will ensure that the links in your video will be more relevant to the topic of your video as well as more search engine friendly. By using this type of link building strategy you will be able to improve the amount of links to your website, thereby helping your search engine ranking.

Off page SEO consists of various other techniques. For example, by joining forums related to your industry and participating in discussions you may be able to draw a few new customers. If you do not have any experience in SEO but still want to improve your site then you may want to hire an SEO consultant. This will allow you to focus on off-page factors while they handle the SEO aspects of your site. You will be able to concentrate on creating quality content for your website and improving the user experience.

Off page SEO is a very important aspect of your site. This is because if you don’t take advantage of the linking strategies available to your site you will not increase your rank in the major search engines. You should also focus on building links from quality sites that are related to your industry. The quality of the links will determine your site’s ranking within the search results and ultimately the number of visitors that come to your site.