How to Get Highly Ranked Search Engine Results – Organic SEO


How to Get Highly Ranked Search Engine Results – Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the method of enhancing the quantity and quality of site visitors to a specific website or even a particular web page by search engines. Most SEO targets paid online traffic rather than organic traffic or direct traffic. Paid online traffic includes results from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, sponsored links, text links, video and multimedia links and results from directory listings. Organic traffic is free web traffic that originates from natural search engine searches. Organic search engine traffic is referred to as “non-pay” traffic. Organic search engine traffic has no payment associated with it.

The major benefits of SEO include improving search results and page speeds for certain key phrases or keywords that are relevant to the website’s theme or business. The improved page speeds make the overall user experience more pleasant. Keyword or phrase optimization provides for improved ranking in major search results and increased traffic from natural search results and paid search results. There are several types of optimization methods used to help improve rankings. These include On Page Optimization which deals with all efforts to improve the effectiveness of your web pages as well as off page optimization which focuses on optimizing keywords, content and structure of the web pages and includes link building techniques such as backlinks.

Among the most popular methods of SEO are On Page optimization, Off Page Optimization and Pay per Click (PPC). On page optimization deals with making your web pages attractive through unique keywords or keyword phrases. This requires considerable effort and time to implement. Keyword or phrase optimization can improve your website’s ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for a particular keyword or phrase. A high ranking website will draw more visitors to your web page and this will improve your position in the SERPs.

Off page optimization includes building in-bound links from other websites. It requires extensive planning and research to find out more about targeted keywords and ways of getting these keywords on other web pages so as to have them point to your own site. Organic search engines prefer organic on-site optimization and will give higher rankings to websites with good on-site optimization. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps in increasing traffic to your website from organic searches conducted by search engine robots.

PPC or Pay Per Click is another popular method of SEO. In PPC, the advertiser pays the host site only if a visitor to their site clicks on the advertisement. The main advantage of PPC is that you only pay for visitors who clicked on your advertisement. This also helps in getting high search engine rankings. The main disadvantage of PPC is that you need to bid on key phrases or keywords and if you do not pay for these, you may not be able to achieve your goal of improving search results.

In case of off-site optimization, it involves various on-site factors such as optimizing content of your website, making links within the site and submitting the site to various search engines such as Google and Bing. These off-site factors will positively impact your search engine rankings. However, SEO experts advise off-site optimization to be combined with off-site optimization because you cannot make any positive changes to your site’s content without changing the content of the website, which means that the SEO effort will be in vain without making any changes to the site’s content. So, before you decide to opt for off-site optimization, make sure that you have implemented effective off-site optimization strategies and done some keyword research.

Social media is a highly important tool to get highly ranked search engine results. Social media helps you in creating a buzz around your site and keeping the interest of your audience. It also provides opportunities to build customer relations and you can take the feedback to enhance your site’s content and offer better services to your customers. For this, you need to carefully plan your strategy and spend a considerable amount of time and money on social media marketing. If you do not spend enough time on social media marketing, it might negatively impact your search engine ranking. Therefore, it is very important for your business to invest some time and money on social media marketing and ensure that your website becomes an authority in its niche.

Organic SEO works by optimizing keywords and by-products of the search engine in producing highly ranked search engine results page. Organic SEO tends to be the most expensive way to get highly ranked search engine results because it requires building a website from scratch whereas Search Engine Optimization tends to be quite cheap, depending upon your skills and budget. Therefore, you can easily understand that SEO results largely depend upon the amount of time and money that you are willing to spend on getting highly ranked results. So, if you want to be successful in your online business, you should focus on getting high search engine results page results and achieve the top rank in the search queries through cost-efficient SEO techniques such as On Page Optimization and off-page optimization techniques such as Email marketing.