10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using the New Google My Business APP Right Now

In case you haven’t heard about Google’s latest creation, the Google My Business App, let’s provide you with a brief explanation:

Google My Business is a free online and mobile app that connects businesses and customers in a more complete way than ever before. From making online business profiles that instantly update to communicating directly with your customers, in this article we’ll explain how google’s new social media creation is taking storm, what exactly it does, and why you should make one today.

1. First up – You can make a FREE website for your business

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Whether or not your business already has a website, utilizing google’s new website builder is a must. Your website automatically populates with info from your google profile, you get to choose between tons of templates & designs until you find one that fits your business perfectly, and YOU get to choose the domain.

Oh yeah, did I mention that thanks to all the techies at google, your website will be perfectly displayed across any screen whether it’s a large phone, small phone, or even your grandma’s original computer from 1977?

2. You can update your profile anytime, anywhere, and across multiple platforms

(Taken from Adweek article https://www.adweek.com/digital/the-google-my-business-app-just-underwent-a-facelift/)

You read that right. If you ever need to update your profile page with new services or hours for a holiday, simply click on your business profile, edit the necessary information, and watch as your profile is streamlined across google search, google maps, and google+ as well.

3. It’s super easy to review customer activity and track analytics

In my opinion, one of the best features in the Google My Business app allows businesses to look into analysis on their customers easier than ever before.

Want to know how many monthly views you had? How many searches popped up for your business? You can now learn about your direction requests, website visits, direct calls, and even photo views!

Knowing these statistics means you can bring in more customers by seeing what drives their attention to your business the most.

4. Customers can book an appointment or make a reservation right on the app!

If you’re looking for more customers, I’m sure you know that user-friendliness is HUGE. All your customer needs to do is click the ‘booking’ button as you sit back and watch your appointments skyrocket.

5. You can bring in business by sharing what’s new with your business

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Offering a new service or item on your menu? Post directly to your business profile and come up in the news feed of people searching for your business.

6. Have more repeat business with the new ‘follower’ feature

You know how you can ‘like’ a page on facebook and follow people on instagram? Now your customers can do the same with your business! Turn ALL your previous customers into returning customers with ease.

Moreover, the Customer’s tab enables businesses to see their followers, messages, and reviews.

7. Respond to your reviews easier than ever before

Get notified when a review is left on your business profile, allowing you to answer right away.

There’s also a built in Q/A section to answer all the questions you know your customers will be asking.

8. Create an offer or event to make your business pop!

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In order to stand out you can now frequently post new offers, discounts, or even special events to make your business stand out and come up in more customer searches.

9. NEW companies can create a Google profile and be more ready for launch date

In the past, you needed to be an already established, up and running business in order to post your business’s profile on google.

This made it harder for new businesses to have a successful launch and in the process, marketing and sales took a big hit.

Imagine if you could post all the details about your launch date, how much everything costs, and most importantly, where the business even is before you launch!

10. Finally you can differentiate between your business address and your service area

Far too long has the ominous big red circle existed as google’s main way for telling customers in your area who you serve. Now, you can specify your service area, range of service, and let people know not come to your corporate office if they should be going to another storefront.

So where can I get Google My Business?

It’s actually really easy.

Just go to https://www.google.com/business/ and click ‘Manage Now.’

This service is also available for download through Google Play or the App Store.