Social Media Marketing

Simplified Social Media Marketing Proven To Drive Up To 8000% Growth!

2.3 Billion People Have Active Social Media Accounts.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you could connect and put your company’s message in front of interested users who want to buy and engage with your brand?

Well, We Have Great News!

MarketYou has years of experience in social media marketing.  This simple yet proven technique has the power to catapult your business so far that today will become a distant memory.

The Missing Piece To A Remarkably Effective Marketing Strategy

Word-of-mouth has moved over to a new platform that doesn’t even involve our mouths at all. It actually only incorporates three things – pictures, text, and social media.

Freaky? Yes.

Here’s the proof:

  • Businesses who invested in social media increased their brand exposure by 83%.
  • 67% of Twitter users are far more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter, which there are 317 million active monthly users.
  • 74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decision.

How on Earth did we get that 8000% growth fact stated at the top of the page?

Well, not to brag… but one of our happy clients experienced a year-to-date growth of 8,278%

Not only did our social media management team develop a bulletproof social strategy, we also made sure the execution was so smooth you could have spread it like butter on a warm piece of toast! 

Yes, SEO and content marketing are great. 

But, social media is the missing link that could very easily propel your business to a place you never thought possible. You could go from having less than 1,000 visitors to your site to 25,000 visitors a day. Heck, let’s get wild and even say 100,000 visitors a day. Whatever your goal is, we’ll work with you to leverage the power of social media and get you to that ultimate destination you want your business to go!

Keeping Social Media Fun And Engaging

We will rack our brains for days to develop captivating, fun, and engaging content that is second to none. 

Each post will stand out in your customer’s newsfeed, which sets your social activity apart from the boring content your competitors post that often gets unnoticed by the majority. It will peak your target markets interest to find out more about what your brand is all about. 

They will understand who you are, why you are here, and how your business will make their lives better.

It’s our goal to build a personal emotional connecting with your audience, so they always want to buy and follow your brand until the end of time or well the end their lifetime!

Innovative Social AutomationFor YOUR Convenience

Many of us don’t have time to come up with creative content, let alone post the information on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn… and 50 other social sites your business can use. (Actually, there are hundreds of social platforms you can utilize. Click here for the complete list.)

Who has time to do this when you have a business to run?

MarketYou DOES!

Our social media consulting team will help determine what your business objectives are and create a targeted strategy around those initiatives.

You won’t even have to lift a finger except when you make that life changing phone call to hire us! 😉

Sophisticated Social Content Curation

That Delivers Astonishing Results

Creating content is already a daunting task. Content curation, which is presenting content found on the web in a way that is meaningful and organized with a specific theme surrounding your brand is even more difficult!

Well, you’re in luck! Our talented social media experts have over 75 years of combined experience in content creation and curating the information found on the Internet in a way that is meaningful, well-organized, and impactful that surrounds your company’s brand identity.

We will do all the sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing of the information to bring more exposure to your brand and increase your growth ten-folds! We are committed to work tirelessly to strengthen your social media presence, increase social outreach, promotions, and customer interaction.

MarketYou Provides The Following Social Management Services:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads | Fan Page Management | Custom Audience Research

Boasting the world’s largest social media user base of over 2 billion users and counting, Facebook has become a key ingredient in the crafting of a successful marketing recipe.


Instagram Marketing

Instagram Ads | Influencer Marketing

Instagram is a highly engaged global community with more than 700 million active accounts. People come to Instagram for visual inspiration and the simple design allows captivating visuals to take center stage. Advertising on Instagram has the power to move people by inspiring them to see a business differently or take action.


YouTube Marketing

YouTube Ads | Video Optimization | Influencer Marketing

For online and offline Business owners and internet marketers, YouTube Marketing is an essential strategy to take advantage of the web’s massive shift toward video. That’s why it’s so important to learn and test some strategies and to get help from MarketYou right now. It will give you a huge leg up on your competition, helping your business to move forward.


Twitter Marketing

Follower Growth

Averaging over 500 million tweets a day, Twitter reigns as the 140-character chatterbox for millions of people around the world. Twitter’s social chatting niche provides a simple way for businesses to connect with their customers through short back-and-forth dialogue.


Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Ads

With over 175 million active users, Pinterest has become the ultimate shopping wish-list community full of eCommerce opportunities that your business should not miss out on.

Your audience is present. MarketYou will help discover their interests, create great content and help them find you.


Viral marketing can be effective as a stand-alone tool or as part of a larger marketing campaign. It can be used by both large and small companies, but can be especially attractive to smaller business, as it can be more cost-effective than traditional marketing efforts.